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To win each case, each set of facts will be different in nearly every case, however the laws that apply will likely be the same ones, since most of what we do is governed by the CA Family Code and other codes that could come up (drugs, animals, criminals,driving,stalking,etc.)  Attorney has been involved over the years with family law cases in large cities, even when working part time. There is very little that attorney has not seen; she has been on TV, in newspapers, and in the news years ago for different cases. Most people want an affordable attorney, which is hard to find. Ms. Chan is likely the most affordable in the county, with the highest win rate, especially in the law and motion hearings and the domestic violence cases.

Many cases in family law whether they are in Northern Cal or Southern Cal, should be reasonably the same, the local courts may have their own local rules but basically the CA Family Law Code statewide does apply. Generally, law and motion calendars are about 15-20 minutes and then in some counties long cause case cases are considered “trial.” Trial can be half a day, full day, or many days.

Although Butte County has a new courthouse, their system for the computer and how they organize it is different than many larger courts.  Most larger courts allow you to buy documents online and to pay online. In Butte you cannot do that.