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fighting again
Community Property that Spouse Claims isn’t Community
Contempt of court- Can you get a free attorney?
Credits:  Do you have any coming to you or will you Pay Out?
Child Support — who really gets screwed over?
Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
Child Illegally moved out of the state?
Claimed or alleged abuse of alcohol
Date of Separation
Debt: uncategorized, miscategorized, inappropriately mixed in with
    debt that was not related, resulting in skewed division
DCSS (Dept. Child Support Services) When is it a good idea?
     Do you know why?
Denied Visitation?
Dissomaster– What is it?
DNA Testing–Should you bother and is there a good reason?
Division of Business Assets or Business
Division of Non-Listed Property that One Spouse Lied About
Divorce on Paper
Divorce with Property Issues
Domestic Violence, Including TRO DV or CPO or Criminal issues
Evidentiary issues including the ones that were done improperly
Ex Parte Restraining Orders –Do you need or should you get?
Failure to prepare:  You had a hearing, no one was prepared, and
    the judge of the day was not nice to you?  You lost whatever you
    didn’t prepare for?  and this was the 2nd time?
Failure to properly categorize assets or debts, leaving a huge issue
for who owes what
Fathers Who are Getting Shafted or Run Over
Fathers who are doing OK but Mother claims not the case
Federal bankruptcy:  Filing bankruptcy and whether it will affect your case,    when, how, why…….
Fighting Over Visitation–percentages and calculation
Forensics–Do you need an actual expert on the business?
Forensic Accounting–Do you need it because your spouse has lied?
Guardianship [Attorney does not do dependency or guardianship cases]
Hiding Assets
images (37)
Imputing Income when You don’t even have a job
Income–Do you have a regular wage or self employed–does it matter?
Jurisdiction issues
Legal and Physical Custody–Do I really need to know?
Liens, arrears, and contempts
Mediation– why revisiting mediation over and over can fail………
Military Problems Including Orders, Not Paying, Arrears
Money Judgments and Whether it will affect your $$$ and what to do
Mothers Who are Overbearing..or Fathers!
Mothers Who Do Too Little but Claim They are Wonderful, but Are not! 
Medical conditions of one parent– does it mean you can’t have visitation?
Medical Issues– is your child already a special needs child?
Move Away and Why You Might and Might Not Win–advance preparation required
Medications–can you alone force kids to NOT take them?
Mediation  (good, bad, ugly) a lot of it is ugly—yes
Mistake, inadvertence, surprise, excusable neglect
Modification of orders;  lack of orders/what to do?
Parentage– When is it too late once you are on the hook as the Presumed Father?
Parents on Drugs- Illegal Drugs–or even legal drugs
Parents with  Over Consumption of Alcohol
Parents on Anti-anxiety Drugs, Marijuana, or Others–Can it affect YOUR timeshare?
Parents with Criminal record charges, arrests, DV TRO backgrounds?
Paternity Testing; DCSS and whether it’s too late
Personal Property– Was it already yours but spouse says NO?
Private Mediation
New Boyfriend or Girlfriend Issues
Ongoing spousal support vs temporary—big difference!!
Parental Alienation over Kids, new wife issues
Paying for Kids that are not Your kids?  Is it too Late?
Quasi Marital Property
Real Property Liens by attorney
Reimbursement issues
Request for Orders
Res Judicata issues
Restraining Orders– what types are there and do you qualify?
School issues—bullying, intimidation, physical harm
Setting aside judgments; fraud, perjury, duress, mental incapacity, mistake, noncompliance with disclosure requirements, etc.
Teacher at grade school– issues with proper teacher conduct
Self Employed
Separate Property– Is it Really Separate or is it just Commingled?
Special Master
Spousal support –are you entitled?
Spousal support– did you just get rolled over because no one was
         prepared, you didn’t understand how it works, you believed your
         friends and they were wrong, or you didn’t bother to look it up
         and got blindsided??
Tax Return Issues
Title to property; challenging validity or otherwise
Title to Property–is it Disputed, Proven, or Subject to Division?
Timeshare– Do you really Want more time, or just want to pay Less?
Tracing of all assets
Unsafe Daycare
UNDERWATER separate property (real estate)– could this be awarded to the other spouse and you lose all the CASH down you put into it, even if it’s 100k cash??????  Ask attorney—-probably one of the few biggest errors made by a judge in Family law! [Attorney was not on the case when it occurred]
Vacate or set aside
Venue issues
Visitation–do you need more time or less?
Welfare– Does the other parent get it and how it affects your payments?
Working Under the Table– Can you prove it?
Winning your case—– Do you want to and why?

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