Attorney C. Chan

Ms.Chan excels at working on challenging cases. Over 20+ years in Family law courts with a very high win rate (Sacramento, San Diego, Butte,etc.) Attorney has practiced in nearly every courthouse in San Diego in the past (North County, Downtown, El Cajon, South County,etc.)   In news media for prevailing in horrific Family law case Sacto, in mid 1990’s; Former Volunteer at Facilitator’s Office and Volunteer Legal Services 1997.

Statewide legal representation in animal law cases since 2003;    images (26) Reviews: [google]

Admitted to Federal District Courts CA+Bankruptcy Courts (Northern District and Southern District, San Diego CA)  CRIMINAL LAW CASES website * * *Attorney’s Cases in the Media include animal law cases, criminal alleged gang case, Oroville; horrific family law abuse case;  school case involving needles found in schoolyard, Sacramento;  federal litigation involving constitutional law re breed bands, animal seizure law [currently, the CA seizure law as written under PC 597.1 is improper; when construed “as applied” it is nothing but a tool for activists to steal property and this has been done routinely for years by unregulated animal groups…]