Landlord and Biting Dogs..Was Your Child Bitten? Was it Under Your Watch, or Not?

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Attorney has been involved in animal law for quite awhile…and also has superior knowledge of the issues facing pitbull dogs, breed bans/dogs, dangerous dogs. rescued dogs and far more…..sometimes parents find that either their dog bit a child, or their own kid was bitten by another tenant’s animal, or the landlord allowed a dangerous dog to live in the apartment (claiming it was a service dog or some ridiculous lie)… was even involved in a civil suit where the father allegedly stabbed the son and the mother was suing the father civilly for the son’s demise? [The father had texted the son “if you hurt my dogs i will kill you” when he was apparently drunk…..]


If you have been involved in a case where an animal has allegedly caused harm, or where a person has caused harm to your animal or pet, or your own pet has caused harm—–  before you start talking to the police, call attorney  and I may be able to help you. IN FAMILY LAW CASES, THE HARM TO A CHILD WHILE UNDER YOUR WATCH MIGHT BE USED AGAINST YOU, POSSIBLY UNDER FAILURE TO SUPERVISE, NEGLIGENCE, ETC.  THIS CAN INCLUDE IMPROPER CARE, TRAINING AND HANDLING OF PUPPIES, DOGS, AND OTHER ANIMALS. Further, under CA domestic violence law, animals/pets will be often covered, and purposeful harm to an animal will fall under the CA Penal Code Section 597 (it is a huge section, and PC 597.1 is rife with legal issues…)


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