The Beginning of the End

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Years of data on this site link, continuously updated… has been posting and blogging for over 10 years on  family law issues and animal law cases…………….much of attorney’s work is done for people who are not wealthy, and attorney works with non profit groups and is on the board of directors of a private SPCA in San Joaquin County. Attorney will be partnering locally  next year with educators — our new dog safety for kids education program. There are different programs related to dog safety for kids but the kids in areas with less income usually are the ones that would benefit the most. In addition, our program is one that has already been implemented in Washington, and our dog expert contact gave us permission to use elements from that program to ensure viability.

How CA Wastes $$ on Prisoners

SACRAMENTO — An appeals court has upheld a life sentence given to a Gridley man who looted an evacuated home during the Oroville Dam spillway crisis in 2017.

A three-justice panel of the 3rd District Court of Appeal ruled unanimously Wednesday that 39-year-old John Beebe Jr. was appropriately sentenced to 30 years to life in prison under California’s Three Strikes law.

Attorney opinion:

Any defense attorney will realize:

….3 strikes law doesn’t often work well, especially when applied like this

….we would bet money,  by looking at this defendant, and his background, that he has probably never held much of a job, never got any help that he likely needed when young, and if he did, it wasn’t the right kind of help..he was probably allowed to skate through school, and if he did stay in school, he was probably failing.  To help save a kid that is poor financially is one thing; but to help save youth that are poor but outside of that they are teachable, means that ignoring children who need help is always an issue, and it plays out when we see people that are just plain forgotten and ignored. Yes, drugs will play a part in this, but studies from many years ago have already proven that ignorance and ignoring kids that need help will only make matters worse.

Even today with all the news claiming kids are killing themselves at alarming rates, and with families dwindling in the number of children they have, we still have kids born to families or single parents that will have a very high chance of ending up in prison. Being mentally ill might land you in prison, BUT even, for example–if you are diagnosed as  bipolar, or schizoid, or autistic, you automatically qualify for social security in nearly all cases.   Basically taxpayers end up footing bills for state agencies to run the prisons.  IN this guy’s case, even if he broke into 50 houses, and no one was there, sure it’s a crime. But even MURDERERS do not necessarily get life in prison or 30-life. California law on 3 strikes needs to be changed.